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Turing Your Passion Into Profits

  • Are you ready to solidify your brand identity, connect with your ideal clients, and craft an irresistible offer, all without sacrificing family time or your personal well-being.

  • Do you have a clear vision for your brand but feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

  • Are you longing to focus on the bigger picture but find yourself consumed by minor tasks?

Moms Mean Business
8-Week Program is exactly what you need.


I know how challenging it can be to juggle family, business, and everything else life throws at you. I've been there, feeling overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists and unexpected roadblocks. That’s exactly why we created this program—to help amazing women like you.

(They will have a clear understanding of their ideal client, the offer that will convert to sales, and the right message that will attract their ideal client. Understanding their true brand idenitity will allow the business owner to know what to say, so that their marketing efforts done with ease.)
1. Brand idenity and story - this set the foundation of who their business really is as a living thing. What they stand for, why they are doing what they do, and expressions their true passion.
2. Target market - we can't be everything to everybody. As a mom, we try to do this and it doesn't work. It doesn't work for your business either. Knowing who you are talking to, what their struggles, passions and obsticales are will allow you to write the correct message as though you are speaking directly to them.
3. Messaging - once you have a clear idenity statement and you know who you are talking to, then we are able to create phrases and content that can be used across all mediums to speak to your ideal client. This takes away all the guess work.
4. Offer - Again mom, you can't do everything for everyone. Once you know who your person is, then you can structure the right offer or product. You are the expect in YOUR THING. we have to decide what that thing is. Sometimes when you offer too much, people can't make a decision, so they don't. 
5. Marketing strategy - this will fall into place once we have done the previous steps. You will know where your ideal client is, how they buy, what they buy, and how you can get in front of them. This is the plan, now all you need to do is implement.
6. Implement - know you apply the plan and go ASK for the business. 

Imagine having a clear plan to follow, where you can streamline your marketing effects because you know your brand so well and your ideal client you are alboe to take the guess work out of marketing your business. We're here to give you the tools and support you need, so you can spend more time on what truly matters. You’ve got this, and we've got your back every step of the way!

What Truly Matters 

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Achieving Financial Success
in Your Business

At the heart of the Moms Mean Business 8-Week Program is a commitment to your long-term success. We understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there ourselves. Many of our clients started their businesses with high hopes but struggled to make them profitable enough to leave their corporate jobs. We created this program to bridge that gap. Our main goal is to help you transform your business into a thriving, profitable venture. By focusing on strategic growth and providing you with the tools, insights, and support you need, we ensure that your business not only survives but flourishes.

Imagine the freedom of seeing your hard work pay off, allowing you to balance your family life and business effortlessly. With our guidance, you can turn your vision into reality, scaling your business to new heights and achieving the financial independence you've always dreamed of. 

Balance Family, Business, and Work

We get it—as a woman entrepreneur balancing multiple roles, your time and energy are precious. That's why our program is here to help you streamline your efforts with effective branding and marketing strategies. We'll create a standout brand identity that truly resonates with your audience and prioritize high-impact activities to drive growth. This means more time for you to focus on what truly matters—your family and yourself.


Overcoming Roadblocks

We all know the feeling—everything’s running smoothly, then bam! An unexpected roadblock. Juggling family, business, and work, these hurdles can seem massive. That’s why we’ve added a key component to our program. We’ll help you identify those pesky obstacles that trip up businesses and arm you with innovative solutions to navigate through them. But we’re not just about moving forward; we’re about building resilience. You’ll learn to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Imagine having a brand strategy so finely tuned that you no longer sweat the small stuff, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your business. Our program empowers you to streamline your marketing efforts, and prioritize what truly matters. With more time dedicated to strategic growth and development, you'll achieve that perfect work-life balance while making significant strides toward your business goals.


Clear Brand Messaging

Communicate your brand's essence with clarity and impact. Learn to craft an identity statement that captures who you are and what you offer, develop a captivating brand story that resonates emotionally with your audience, and define a consistent and authentic brand voice that sets you apart.

Strong Brand Identity

Craft a brand identity that captivates. We'll help you develop a compelling logo and cohesive visual elements, choosing fonts and colors that reflect your unique personality. With our guidance, you'll ensure brand consistency across all platforms, making your business instantly recognizable and memorable

Target Market Mastery

Master the art of connecting with your ideal customers. We'll guide you through identifying and understanding your target demographics and psychographics, creating detailed customer personas, and addressing your market's pain points with a tailored offer. This ensures your message hits home every time.

Compelling Offer

Stand out in a crowded market with a compelling offer. Clarify your core product or service, differentiate yourself from competitors with a unique selling proposition (USP), and create a value proposition that highlights the benefits of what you offer. This makes it irresistible to your audience.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Maximize your reach with a powerful marketing strategy. Explore various channels such as email, social media, and networking, develop a consistent marketing message that aligns with your brand identity, and plan and execute activities that drive impactful results. Your brand will shine across all platforms.

Implementation and Evaluation

Turn your plans into action with precision. We'll show you how to utilize tools and techniques for efficient marketing execution, track and measure the success of your efforts, and adapt strategies based on performance data. This continuous improvement ensures your brand stays dynamic and effective.


Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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Starting on July 8th, our Moms Mean Business 8-Week Program is your opportunity to transform your brand and reclaim your time. Invest in your business and yourself with a program designed to meet your unique needs.


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