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Instantly Elevated And Made To Live In

At MandaBees, comfort is at their core. Manda Bees believe that when you feel good, you look good. Their mission is to empower, to motivate, and to eliminate what holds you back. Handbands designed for the sweatiest cycling classes, layovers, brunch dates, and everything in between, consider Manda Bee's handbands for your instant good hair day. Their headbands are no slip, no headache, no hair damage. Guaranteed.

e-Commerce Starts With Inventory Management

Amanda approached us to craft a fresh website for her exceptional handcrafted headbands. With her ever-growing collection of new styles, the existing website had become a bit overwhelming with the diverse array of options.


As we delved into organizing the product categories, we recognized the need to streamline the styles and determine which ones should be retained and which could be offered at clearance. This initial phase became the foundation of our website design process.


Amanda's vision for a serene, yoga-inspired site that resonates with an earthy vibe guided our design journey. The primary focus was on showcasing the functionality of her headbands, which seamlessly merged with the website's tranquil and nature-inspired aesthetics.

Establishing an e-commerce website involves distinct considerations compared to other types of sites. Crafting product descriptions enriched with strategic keywords for optimal SEO performance proves indispensable for the success of an e-commerce platform.

Untitled design (23).png

Filters Make Money

We implemented filters that enable users to efficiently search based on style, design, and color. This intuitive functionality ensures customers can seamlessly navigate through the extensive array of designs and styles to find precisely what they desire. Creating a user-friendly e-commerce experience is crucial for retaining visitor engagement; thus, our focus was on simplifying the browsing process, enabling users to swiftly add their chosen items to their cart and proceed to checkout.

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