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Million Dollar Branding Lessons: George Carr GMC

Updated: 5 days ago

George Carr opened a dealership in my little hometown of Vicksburg, MS in 1989 as Carr Buick, Poniac, Cadillac, GMC Inc. Over the years his name would change slightly based on which car brands he was carrying, but honestly George was somewhat like Prince. He was the guy formerly known as {insert name at any given time}; everyone just called it George's.

Because that was his brand. George.

News Article George Carr

Just George was all he cared to be. He was the OG of personal brands I'd say. He was known by most people in a 50 mile radius of Vicksburg, MS. It wasn't because he had a cool logo or interactive website or influencer level selfies on Instagram, it was because he treated every person that walked through his doors with respect and gratitude. His brand was fair prices, great customer service, and an owner who knew you by name.

Three million dollar branding lessons we can all learn about branding from George Carr:

1. It's not always about the shiny new penny.

A brand is so much more than a visual representation of your business. A brand is a living, breathing thing that can take shape in an exceptional product, unbeatable customer service and the heart of an owner. It can change and evolve over the years, while still holding fast to its moral compass.

2. Good 'ole grassroots marketing wins everytime.

You don't need fancy marketing or innovative branding strategies to grow a million dollar business. Don't get me wrong, George was an unbelievable businessman. Smart, worked hard, and was dedicated to his customers as well as his community. George made it his personal mission to attend grand openings for other businesses in town, sponsor little league teams, support the Miss Mississippi Pageant and give unconditionally to his community; these were the things he and his business were known for.

3. When you give of yourself and your resources never expecting anything in return, you are building a powerhouse of a brand and don't even know it.

You know why you don't know it? Because you don't care. You are just doing the right thing and that's what really matters. In a world of beautifully orchestrated Instagram feeds, choreographed TikTok dances and $50K websites, none of that matters if you don't give of yourself to your clients. If you don't share in their joys and lend a hand during their struggles then what does all that other stuff matter? You are the face and brand of your business. When you are gone, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

George Carr | Vicksburg MS

George Carr passed away March 29, 2021, bringing an entire community and beyond to their knees. That was his legacy, that was his brand. Yesterday, his business was officially sold but the brand and legacy will forever live on.

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