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Million Dollar Branding Lessons: Snyder's of Hanover Pieces

Updated: Apr 22

Are you a Snyder's pretzel fan? I guess you could say our family is, but more of a Snyder's pieces fan. If you haven't ever tried them, go now and get a bag! You will be hooked. I personally love the honey mustard and onion. My 9-year-old is a fan of the hot buffalo wing. As I was enjoying some the other day, I got to thinking...there has to be a story here or more so, a lesson.

A million-dollar branding lesson.

In the vast landscape of branding success stories, Snyder's of Hanover Pieces has to be one. A success that it. The origin of Pretzel Pieces wasn't a meticulously planned marketing strategy; it was a stroke of luck and resourcefulness. Here's the million-dollar branding lesson we can learn from.

Turning Accidents into Opportunities:

The birth of Pretzel Pieces was a result of a "happy accident." Broken pieces from the Sourdough Hard Pretzel production line were initially seen as waste. However, the bakery staff decided to turn adversity into advantage, flavoring these broken bits and selling them at the factory outlet. This resourceful decision not only saved product but also created an unexpected hit.

Snyder's Pretzel Pieces | A million-dollar branding lesson

Embracing Uniqueness:

Rather than discarding imperfect or broken parts, Snyder's embraced their uniqueness. In the world of branding, authenticity and uniqueness are invaluable. Pretzel Pieces stood out from traditional pretzels, and customers loved the novel concept. The lesson here is to embrace what makes your business unique – even the imperfect aspects can become your greatest strengths.

Connecting with the Audience:

Snyder's connected with their audience on a personal level. The factory outlet allowed customers to experience the brand in an intimate way, fostering a sense of community. In the digital age, businesses can achieve a similar connection by engaging with customers on social media, sharing behind-the-scenes stories, and humanizing their brand.

Adapting to Customer Demand:

The popularity of Pretzel Pieces was unexpected but embraced. Rather than sticking to the original plan, Snyder's adapted to the demands of the market. Successful brands are agile and responsive. They listen to their customers, analyze trends, and are willing to evolve to meet changing preferences.

Market research and analysis is so important when growing a business. You must listen to your customers of course, but are you listening to the ones that go away? Are you changing and adapting to the trends, client needs, and overall growth of your industry?

Creating a Nationwide Sensation:

What started as a local solution became a nationwide sensation. Snyder's took a small, local success and scaled it up. In the business world, recognizing a successful product or strategy and scaling it for broader audiences is a key aspect of growth.

When looking at your own business you should consider the same thing. Can you take your local business and scale to offer your service to a broader audience? As a service business, can you create additional services or products that could be sold nationwide? Could you create a different version of your business?

The Million-Dollar Branding Lesson:

Snyder's of Hanover Pieces teaches us that sometimes, the best branding strategies emerge from unexpected places. By turning accidents into opportunities, embracing uniqueness, connecting with the audience, adapting to customer demand, and creating a nationwide sensation, Snyder's has crafted a million-dollar brand lesson that can be applied to any business aspiring for success.

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