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The Subtle Million Dollar Branding Lesson: Nike Women

My husband treated me to a new pair of tennies for Mother's Day this past weekend. Today, I got them out to run some errends and a small yet significant detail that caught my eye. Printed on the heel of each shoe was a little heart, inscribed with the words "I am" on the left shoe and "enough" on the right.

Nike Women I am Enough

This didn't strick in a way that you may think. It wasn't a revolation that I needed Nike to tell me I was enough. To me it was a reminder not of something I needed to hear, but of something I already knew.

See in a world where societal narratives often dictate that women need external validation to feel confident and self-assured, Nike Women's subtle messaging serves as a refreshing departure from the status quo. As women who are secure in our own worth and abilities, we don't need a brand to tell us that we are enough.

Yet, in spite of this self-assurance, I can't help but appreciate the brilliance of Nike Women's approach to branding. Rather than catering to outdated stereotypes or perpetuating the notion that women are inherently lacking in confidence, Nike has chosen to celebrate and amplify the voices of those who already know their own worth.

The inclusion of the words "I am enough" within the heels of Nike Women's shoes is not just a marketing tatic —it's a subtle nod to the strength and resilience of women everywhere. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to authenticity and empowerment, and a reflection of the values that resonate deeply with their core audience.

So, as I lace up my shoes, I remind myself that I am enough, not because Nike tells me but because I choose to believe that I am enough for me, my family, my clients, and others that know me. I do like supporting a brand that celebrates and uplifts women. And in doing so, I become a champion of authenticity, self-assurance, and empowerment myslef.

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