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Elevating Home Decor with Exquisite Birds

The Avian Collection operates as a print-on-demand enterprise, specializing in exquisite bird prints of diverse styles and designs. Leveraging the platform of Etsy, The Avian Collection effectively markets and sells these artful prints. Consequently, the majority of their branding efforts are channeled into crafting compelling product mockups, which serve as a striking showcase for their exceptional range of prints.

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In the heart of a nature enthusiast, a profound admiration for the beauty and grace of birds took flight. Inspired by the exquisite plumage and captivating presence of avian creatures, the Avian Collection was born. With a vision to celebrate the artistry of nature, these fine prints embrace the elegance and majesty found in every feathered creature.


Each print curated within our collection is meticulously crafted, capturing the intricate details and vibrant colors that make birds a symbol of wonder and awe. Through thier prints, The Avian Collection aims to bring the enchanting world of birds into your home, infusing your space with a touch of natural splendor.  

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Our logo design process began with a creativity session as we brainstormed and sketched numerous logo concepts. The initial ideas were rough, but they serve as the foundation for exploring diverse visual representations of our brand's identity. Once the most promising concepts are identified, we created  precise and scalable digital renderings.

Next, we carefully redesign and iterate on the digital concepts, playing with colors, typography, and layout to bring the logo to life. We presented five concept ideas and gathered valueable feedback, as it plays a crucial role in helping us narrow down the options and arrive at the perfect logo. Ultimately, our goal is to create a strong logo that exudes simplicity, memorability, and versatility, ensuring its seamless adaptation across various mediums, be it in print, digital, or merchandise.


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In crafting the brand identity for The Avian Collection, we channeled the power of design elements to create a captivating and cohesive visual experience. Drawing inspiration from the world of home interiors, we sought to infuse a sense of comfort and elegance into the brand. Framed art served as a significant influence, inspiring our approach to present our bird prints as true masterpieces worthy of admiration.


Birds, being the heart of our collection, became the centerpiece of our design, symbolizing grace, freedom, and the beauty of nature. Embracing nature's palette, we adorned the brand with a harmonious blend of natural colors, evoking a tranquil and organic atmosphere. This harmonious fusion of home aesthetics, framed artistry, avian wonders, and nature's hues brought forth The Avian Collection's distinctive brand identity, resonating with art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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Montserrat Regular




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To activate and launch the Avian Collection's brand, we strategically employed beautiful product mockups that flawlessly showcased the exquisite fine art prints from our collection. These thoughtfully crafted mockups effectively captured the essence of each print, enhancing their allure and making them irresistible to potential customers. 


Etsy served as the perfect platform to present the curated collection, and with these meticulously designed mockups and compelling descriptions, we successfully launcehed the Avian Collection, captivating nature enthusiasts worldwide and art enthusiasts, embracing the timeless beauty of avian art.

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"As a bird lover I was so excited to find The Avian Collection. The selection of prints are great and they are absolutly stunning. For the price, you can't beat it. I have purchased several for my home and they just redine the space creating a sense of elegance with God's beauty."

The Avain Collection Etsy Review

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