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Where Creativity Meets Relaxation

Welcome to Color Craziness, where creativity meets relaxation in the world of mezmerizing coloring books. Chris, co-owner of Hunt Media Group, was driven by a heartfelt mission to create a stress-reducing coloring experiences to those seeking a soothing escape. He comes from a long line of creatives and loves creating different forms of mediums himself.


For our daughters, be began creating different coloring books that both young and old could enjoy. We invite you to embark on this coloring adventure and discover the serenity and joy it brings to your life, just like it has brought to our daughters. Embrace your inner artist, ease your mind, and indulge in the calming hues of Color Craziness.

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As a parent, Chris and I both have witnessed the therapeutic power of coloring through our daughter's love for it, especially during her journey with anxiety disorder. Inspired to create a source of joy and tranquility, Color Craziness was born. Our carefully crafted adult coloring books offer a delightful blend of artistry and mindfulness, providing a safe haven where you can unwind, explore your imagination, and find moments of respite from the world's chaos. Chris had a vision for the look and feel of the brand from the start and it came together beautifully.

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From the very beginning, Chris had a clear vision for Color Craziness. It had to embody vibrant colors and an element of delightful craziness, and I must say, he absolutely nailed it. While exploring various characters, once this guy came to life, both of us instantly knew he was the perfect fit.

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The creative process behind crafting the brand for Color Craziness revolved around the clever use of diverse and colorful design elements. Drawing inspiration from vibrant colored chalk and pencils, playful and bright sprinkles, and the captivating allure of rainbow-colored walls, we seamlessly blended these elements to infuse the brand with an essence of joyful exuberance. The combination of these lively elements allowed us to capture the essence of the brand's mission—to provide stress-reducing coloring experiences that spark joy and creativity. 

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Image by David Pisnoy
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We implemented a dynamic brand activation strategy to introduce these enchanting coloring books to a wider audience. Leveraging the power of Amazon, we established a dedicated store where the magic of Color Craziness comes to life. The brand's Amazon store showcases an enticing array of six distinct coloring books, each thoughtfully curated to cater to various interests and artistic preferences.


From the intricately detailed "Sweet as Sugar" with its mesmerizing Sugar Skull designs to the serene and graceful "Zen Wings" featuring graceful birds, Color Craziness offers a kaleidoscope of creative options. The collection also includes the uplifting "Flower Power," the whimsical "Feline Fine," the empowering "Enchantresses" celebrating female beauty, and our top seller "Canine Calm."


All these delightful books boast glossy soft covers and contain an abundance of 60 captivating coloring pages in each, beckoning both adults and children alike to immerse themselves in the realm of artistry and tranquility. With this ingenious approach, Color Craziness has unlocked the doorway to endless creative journeys for coloring enthusiasts worldwide.

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“Just love these dogs! I have purchased all the coloring books and love them all. There are so many pages to color. I love that each of them allow me to be artistic in my own way. The paper in the book is excellent. The look is so vibrant and pretty for the entire collection. Love. Love. Love."

Victoria P. 

(Color Craziness Amazon Review)
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