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Divorce Better, Not Bitter

Laurin had worked for the big firms for many years, but knew as a mother herself, that her heart was in helping families do divorce different. To do it better, not bitter. She wanted to work with families on her time in her way to help the child through the process and well as the parents to put their differences aside and do what we best to move forward. So she left her firm and went out on her own, to build the law practice she had dreamed of. When she first reached out to us, she said "I don't want my site to look like every other attorney site out there." We knew Laurin was different and her site had to be different too. 


Not Your Typical Attorney

Branding photos held a pivotal role in conveying the essence and uniqueness of Laurin's professional and personal identity, and they play an even more significant role in Laurin's attorney website. In an industry often associated with uniformity, Laurin's desire to stand out and evoke a distinctive vibe was clear. These branding photos transcend the usual imagery, presenting her not just as a legal expert but as a relatable and approachable individual. They capture the essence of her vision, which resonates throughout her website. These images become the backdrop against which her website's design philosophy is woven, creating a cohesive and inviting online presence. By starting with a well-planned branding photoshoot, Laurin ensured that her website would encapsulate her distinct vision, setting the tone for a site that breaks the mold of traditional attorney websites and invites clients into a more relatable and engaging legal experience.

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