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Executive Leadership Coach | Professional Growth Strategist

Joanna Pera provides highly-motivated sales leaders the strategic roadmap they need to lead profitable teams. With more than 25 years of experience and an integrated coaching style, she helps talented executives become the success they know they can be. She had already been running a success business for years, but she always felt like her website was just not a representation of her abilities or her business. She reached out to have an assesment done to her site and she knew she wanted something different. We realized the first thing that needed some TLC was her website copy.


Restructuring Website Copy Was A Must

Condensing website copy to explain services in a user-friendly manner is paramount to effective communication. In a digital world where attention spans are limited and information overload is common, simplicity and clarity are key.

We wanted visitors to be able to quickly grasp what services Joanna offers and how it can benefit them. By distilling complex concepts into concise yet comprehensible language, we wanted to ensure that Joanna's services are readily understood.


Clear and succinct copy allows users to swiftly navigate through the website, making informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed. It respects their time, promotes engagement, and reduces the risk of confusion or bounce rates. In essence, condensing website copy is about respecting the user's journey and making it easy for them to access and appreciate the value that a business offers.

Why "About Me" Is So Important

 Joanna spent more than 25 years in sales leadership & coaching roles and experienced the same frustration so many other executives struggle with.

But when she combined years of professional experience with her background in psychology, she realized the key to success was understanding what makes people different and the impact they can have on a team.


Why having an "About Me" section is so crucial - it serves as a bridge between a business and its audience. This section provides a valuable opportunity to humanize the brand, establish a personal connection, and build trust.

It creates a connection where people can resonate with stories and personal experiences. Sharing the journey, values, and motivations behind the brand helps create an emotional connection with the audience. 

It also helps to enhance brand transparency. In an era where transparency is valued, an honest "About Me" section can share insights into the people, values, and culture that drive the brand. This transparency builds a sense of authenticity and encourages open communication.

​One thing you must do is showcase your expertise. For service-based businesses, the "About Me" section is an opportunity to highlight your expertise, credentials, and experience. This reassures customers that they are working with knowledgeable professionals.

Ultimately, an "About Me" section transforms a website from a static digital presence to a dynamic platform for storytelling and connection. It's a chance to showcase the heart and soul of the brand, making it relatable, memorable, and meaningful to visitors.

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