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Content Inventory Services

sorted. was founded in hurricane country and staffed by women who understand the aftermath of destruction. ​When returning home, after a devastating hurricane, to find catastrophe, damage to her own home Elizebath began trying to rebuild and maneuver the claims process. Through her own experience, Elizabeth Alexander, founder, learned how hard the process was for homeowners when trying to inventory all the personal items lost. Her vision for helping others sparked and sorted. was born. 


This is business, but it's personal. Very personal. sorted. partners with law firms, public adjusters, and insurance companies to save time and ensure homeowners receive rightful compensation for replacing their belongings after a disaster. sorted. here to support homeowners in restoring their lives, one step at a time.

Elizabeth knew that she wanted to use the doppler image from the hurrican that hit Lake Charles, LA in her branding material. She didn't know how or where, but she tasks Hunt Media Group to develop a brand around this image, sharing her story, and helping her reach those that were a direct link to the homeowners that needed her help. The sorted. brand was redesigned into this.



To craft the logo, we knew we wanted to hightlight the eye of the storm somehow. After try different sizes and shapes, we soon realized that the the logo needed to be round. Through several different drafts we found the perfect logo for sorted.






Designing a brand that resonates with insurance adjusters and attorneys during natural disasters requires a unique approach that balances sensitivity and professionalism. By drawing inspiration from the design elements of natural disasters, we can create a powerful and impactful brand for our content inventory company. The dynamic and unpredictable nature of disasters can be reflected in the use of bold and striking colors, representing the urgency and criticality of our services. With a thoughtful blend of design elements, this brand will communicate empathy, expertise, and dedication in supporting homeowners through the aftermath of natural disasters.

American Typewriter




Open Sans




SORTED hurricane pic.jpg
Image by NASA
Aerial View of Flood
Image by Diego PH
Banner 10x10 (jpg 500dpi).jpg
Image by Nikolas Noonan
“Emily took my vision and turned into more than I could have ever imagined. She took a doppler image and turned it into not only a logo, but a story and a brand. She worked diligently to make sure she stayed on track with my vision, but always providing guidance and direction during the process of the branding and the web design. My website was a total mess before she took over, now it has a clear message and visually looks great."

Elizabeth A., Founder & CEO

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