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The perfect blend of indulgence and delight

When Sam and Will made the bold decision to leave their corporate jobs and venture into the world of coffee, many doubted their sanity. However, their unwavering passion and entrepreneurial spirit led them to envision something greater. They decided to broaden their business by curating a comprehensive range of coffee-inspired products, showcasing their very own coffee. This marked the birth of Two Bean Coffee Co., where their dream of sharing exceptional coffee experiences with the world came to life.

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Two Bean Coffee Co. is rooted in the pursuit of exceptional coffee experiences. It all began when Sam and Will, driven by their passion for coffee, left their corporate jobs to embark on a daring journey. Fueled by their shared love for the rich flavors and aromas of coffee, they set out to create a brand that would bring joy to coffee enthusiasts everywhere. Through meticulous sourcing, expert roasting, and a commitment to quality, they crafted a selection of premium coffees that captivate the senses and ignite moments of pure delight. With every cup, you'll enjoy this flavorful adventure and savor the essence of Two Bean Coffee Co.

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The design concept for the logo of Two Bean Coffee Company centered around the core element of two beans, a symbolic representation of the company's identity. Various iterations were explored to capture a design that not only incorporated the two beans but also possessed a unique visual appeal that would deeply connect with the intended audience.


After a series of creative explorations, a standout design emerged that elegantly showcased the two beans while infusing a sense of balance and harmony. This design not only encapsulated the essence of the brand but also resonated profoundly with the coffee company's target audience, forming a visual emblem that embodies the company's dedication to quality and distinction.


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The design elements used to carefully curated and reflect the essence of Two Bean Coffee Co. were inspired by the world of coffee. We have incorporated elements such as coffee cups, coffee shops, and coffee beans into the visual identity. These elements symbolize the heart and soul of the business—the passion for delivering the finest, richly brewed coffee to their customers. The brand exudes a sense of relaxation and warmth, inviting coffee enthusiasts to savor every sip of our carefully crafted brews. From the cozy ambiance of coffee shops to the aroma of freshly ground beans, the design elements embody the authentic coffee experience we strive to offer.





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When Two Bean Coffee Co. launches, aside from social media and website launch, we are planning immersive coffee tasting events and pop-up coffee shops at various locations. During these events, customers will be offered the opportunity to indulge in a delightful coffee journey, experiencing a variety of signature brews, carefully curated by skilled baristas. These brand activation events will create an engaging and interactive atmosphere, where attendees can learn about the art of coffee brewing and the origin of our finest beans. Through these different activations, we aim to not only introduce the exceptional coffee offerings to new audiences but also foster a sense of community around the brand, leaving a lasting impression of Two Bean Coffee Co. as the go-to destination for a truly enriching coffee experience.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans
Image by Nathan Dumlao
"We are thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional branding work undertaken by Hunt Media Group. From the very inception of our journey, we knew that the brand (especially the logo) would serve as the face of our identity, and the result exceeded our wildest expectations. The creative process, perfectly encapsulated our vision of using two beans as a symbol of our commitment to quality and unity. The final visuals not only resonates deeply with us as founders but we know will also capture the hearts of our target audience. We wholeheartedly commend the team for their ingenuity, dedication, and ability to transform our aspirations into a visual masterpiece that now represents the essence of Two Bean Coffee Co."

Sam R., Co-founder

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