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Dream. Explore. Discover

Amy Marble's wanderlust journey began during her childhood, where she embraced a sense of adventure while traveling with her family. The love for exploration only grew stronger as she stepped into adulthood and continued her passion for travel after marrying and becoming a parent. Organizing trips became more than a hobby for Amy; it became a deep-rooted passion.


Despite spending over two decades as a speech pathologist, Amy felt a yearning for something more in life – the freedom to spend quality time with her family and indulge in her love for travel. Fueled by her unwavering drive, she decided to take a leap of faith, leaving her job behind to embark on a new chapter. With this bold move, Blue Marble Travel was born, a manifestation of Amy's passion and dedication to curate unforgettable journeys for others seeking adventure and exploration.

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Thank You Postcards


At Blue Marble Travel, the brand story is deeply rooted in the spirit of adventure and the boundless wonder of exploration. Just like the iconic "Blue Marble" photograph, which captured our awe-inspiring planet Earth from 45,000 kilometers away, Amy is driven by the same sense of awe and appreciation for the world's diverse beauty. 


With a heart full of wanderlust and a dedication to creating unforgettable journeys, Amy invites  her clients to join an exploration of discovery and a celebration of the shared human experience. At Blue Marble Travel, every adventure is a testament to the unity and potential of our global community, leaving indelible memories etched in the fabric of your soul. Amy is the  dedicated guide to the experience of this  journey together to experience the wonders of our "Blue Marble" planet.

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Business Cards


As the branding company behind Blue Marble Travel, we faced the exciting challenge of crafting a logo that aptly reflected the agency's name, a clever play on the founder's last name and the Earth. Our goal was to capture the essence of a blue marble without resorting to a literal interpretation. Through numerous brainstorming sessions and sketches, we diligently developed various digital concepts.


Combining design elements with the marble idea, we meticulously presented Amy with four distinct logo options, each carrying its own unique charm. After engaging in thoughtful discussions and making a few tweaks, we collectively arrived at the perfect logo and brand concept: "Dream. Explore. Discover." This captivating tagline became the cornerstone of all elements in Amy's brand, embodying the spirit of wanderlust and curiosity that Blue Marble Travel passionately embraces.


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Creating the brand identity for Blue Marble Travel was an inspiring journey, fueled by Amy's captivating travel photos and cherished traditions. Drawing from the vivid colors found in her mesmerizing pictures, we carefully curated a color palette that reflected the essence of her explorations. Amy's endearing traditions played a significant role in shaping the brand.


The postcards she sent home, brimming with memories from each adventure, inspired us to infuse a sense of nostalgia and connection into the brand's essence. Her love for savoring local coffee added a delightful touch of warmth and familiarity to the brand experience. And, of course, the cherished scrapbooks that preserve her precious memories ignited the concept of storytelling and reminiscence within the brand's design.


By weaving together these personal elements, Blue Marble Travel became an extension of Amy's heart and soul, creating a brand that not only resonates with her but also invites travelers to embark on journeys filled with warmth, wonder, and cherished memories. At its core, this brand is a reflection of Amy's personal journey, a celebration of her experiences, and an invitation for others to join her in exploring the beauty of the world.

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Image by Ryan Spencer
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To breathe life into Blue Marble Travel's brand, we orchestrated a comprehensive activation strategy across multiple fronts. First and foremost, we crafted a new website design that encapsulated the essence of adventure and wanderlust. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Dream. Explore. Discover., the website beckoned visitors to look through a scrapbook journeys with Amy as their guide.

Our Instagram strategy unfolded as a captivating visual narrative, showcasing the world's wonders through the lens of Dream. Explore. Discover. Each post featured stunning postcard-like visuals and reminiscent of cherished travel memories in a scrapbook apperance. The strategy was designed to feature travel experiences for family adventure, romance travel, or just a girl's getaway.

Additionally, our branding marketing collateral brought the heart and soul of Blue Marble Travel to life. Seamlessly integrating design elements from postcards, maps, scrapbooking, and coffee, we curated campaigns that transported clients to far-off lands. From nostalgic postcards sharing tales of exploration to artfully crafted coffee-themed material, each piece evoked a sense of wanderlust and longing for discovery. With Dream. Explore. Discover. as the guiding mantra, Amy's dream of uniting the world through transformative journeys has become a tangible reality.

"Hunt Media Group is simply amazing. They guided me through the process of creating a media presence for my company. Their creative minds added that personal touch to every facet of my company’s brand. The final product is extraordinary and I know my consumers will be as impressed as I am with the design. They both excelled at customer service and quality. I highly recommend them for any business needs. You will not regret the decision!"

Amy M., Founder

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